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James Cameron intends to revive Blomkamp's Alien 5 at Disney?!

James Cameron intends to revive Blomkamp's Alien 5 at Disney?!

Written By Chris on 2019-02-08 18:36:13

Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 movie might be getting a second chance thanks to Aliens director James Cameron! While speaking to IGN recently, Cameron answered a question about whether or not he had plans of reaching out to Blomkamp about his take on an Aliens sequel and to that he said he does plan to make that call. James Cameron also just recently finished up with a new Terminator film, a sequel to his own Terminator 2, so to see Jim considering a revisitation to the other iconic sci-fi franchise he helped to popularize is not overly surprising.

Although Alien 5 was initially shelved by Fox in favor of Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, our own sources had assured us the project was never officially killed off and that Fox had every intention of reassessing the film at a later date. It's quite possible under the new ruling of Disney, Alien 5 will finally come to fruition; albeit not with the exact same plot line, however.

You can watch the IGN interview below:

In an ironic twist of fate, if Cameron follows through in this intention, it may turn the tables and place Scott's Alien: Covenant sequel(s) on hold.

What do YOU think? Should James Cameron revive the Blomkamp Alien 5 project? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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RickTFeb-08-2019 7:43 PM


Cameron would take it in a new direction for sure.  This may be what Disney needs to start to utilize the Alien universe they bought.  New ideas would create new opportunities for everyone.  I guess we'll see.

LetoFeb-09-2019 2:06 AM


Good. Cameron can do Renaissance for Alien. It doesn't matter as a director or as a producer. Blomkamp is a good director too. I think - they both together can create a masterpiece!

BigDaveFeb-09-2019 7:40 AM


I would be DEEPLY concerned this would be a Reboot of Alien 3, as Miss Weaver would likely be involved with Cameron and Blomkamp to pitch the BRING BACK RIPLEY! to Disney.

I think it appears that Blomkamps Alien movie had some interesting ideas, and originally it was not involving Ripley, so i would like to see some of those ideas used... but the ONLY way i would like to see Ripley would have to be a continuation after Alien Resurrection.

And i have mentioned the IDEA i have for that on here a few times, that could Incorporate a few of Blomkamps ideas.

I fear we will get the "Alien 3 and Resurrection" never happened route though and a FEAR for me is IF this does well, then we will get a "Prometheus and Alien Covenant" never happened set of Prequels that i would not be surprised also has a RIPLEY connection.

IF this happened (Reboot Prequels) or they never got made... but a few Cameron/Blomkamp ones do... i would feel sorry for Ridley Scott...

But i guess they would make MONEY... especially for the Generation/Fanbase who would love to be served up AVP Movies over and over, Marvel Hero Movies over and over etc.

I would not be so happy to see a Aliens 2, Aliens 3, Aliens 4 etc... with similar Formula to a Aliens or Alien Resurrection Repeated over and over. 

But ALAS its what Disney intend to do that counts... they will consider a Alien Movie if they feel the Interest in ONE that has a certain PLOT that will make $$$$$$$

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