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Sigourney Weaver says Alien 5 will introduce new and original ideas to the franchise!

Sigourney Weaver says Alien 5 will introduce new and original ideas to the franchise!

Written By Chris on 2016-08-18 15:52:18

A new video interview with Alien icon Sigourney Weaver has been uploaded by Nerdist from the recent Aliens 30th Anniversary event at San Diego Comic-Con. Though we didn't get any serious updates on the project at SDCC, Nerdist thankfully managed to score an interview with the actress and focused heavily on Alien 5.

Basically, Sigourney reveals that Alien 5 will involve everything we've come to love from an Alien movie - Facehuggers and the Alien itself being two of the big sellers. But, she also adds that Blomkamp has created some very neat, original new ideas for the franchise - ideas she seems to be backing 100%.

Weaver also reiterated that Alien 5 is absolutely still happening, but will release after Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant hits theaters. 

Finally, it is clear that (at least as far as Sigourney knows) Neill Blomkamp is still the director of choice for the fifth Alien instalment. After the project was halted in favor of Ridley's Prometheus sequel, Neill announced he would he pursuing new projects. This led to fan speculation that Fox would he eyeing other potential directors for the job of bringing Alien 5 to life - especially after Blomkamp's Chappie didn't perform as well as expected at the box office. However, Weaver's comments insinuate Blomkamp is very much still involved and will likely helm the sequel when Fox eventually do take the breaks off its development.

Weaver recognizes the history and importance of Ripley as a character and is visibly excited about the prospect of getting started on the next installment, clearly wowed by Blomkamp’s take on the franchise. But, as she says, Fox has asked them to put on the brakes and give Scott’s film time to breathe.

You can watch the full interview over on Nerdist.

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bregoAug-18-2016 6:48 PM


Is that Bishop?


DizAug-19-2016 5:10 AM


Well it will be good to see this franchise finally get back on track.  Here's to hoping Blomkamp will develop the story in line with what Ridley was originally doing.  And that we can tie it in with the prequels.

Don't think that's Bishop.  Possibly Dallas from the cut scene about egg-morphing?

BigDaveAug-19-2016 5:21 AM


Indeed there was some ideas that had to be changed that contradicted the plans that Ridley had for Prometheus Sequels... we cant be sure which of these had to be changed but they are bound to do with either.

*Details of the Xeno purpose, and maybe more depth to its procreation and biology.

*Details of where the remains of any Engineer Tech and Ships are for the company to obtain as of the time after Alien.

*The purpose and outcome of a Egg Morph or other ways the Xenomorph can alter Genetics.

*Applications of Engineer Technology and compatibility with Humans.

*Any mention of Engineers Society or previous interactions or findings on the Engineers prior to Aliens. and post!

*Anything that suggests the Origins and where the Xenos came from and why.

BigDaveAug-19-2016 5:24 AM


Ideas that from Blomkamps Concept work we can see....  that are some what original or never been shown in theatrical releases in the Alien Franchise.

*Egg Morph or similar scene of Human DNA being manipulated by the Xenomorph to produce something new.

*Different strands of Xeno Organisms, different Eggs/Face Hugger and Xenomorphs... be that alternatives the Engineers created... or experiments the company had carried out on Xenomorphs.

*The interaction with Engineer Technology... Ripley in a Space Jockey type Suit..

*Humans/The company attempting to control the Xenomorph Organisms.


LoneAug-19-2016 1:06 PM


Dear Miss Weaver,

Ridley Scott has already introduced new and original ideas to the Franchise, AND Covenant + sequels will continue that, as well as giving us everything we've come to love from an Alien movie!  

bregoAug-20-2016 5:16 PM


Diz, the image is from Blomkamp.... Looks like Bishops' face to me. Im starting to think that the Ripley, Hicks and Newt will wake after a few years of Cryo and find that things have been happening onboard the Sulako.....

Thoughts_DreamsAug-21-2016 2:19 AM


“Basically, Sigourney reveals that Alien 5 will involve everything we've come to love from an Alien movie - Facehuggers and the Alien itself being two of the big sellers. But, she also adds that Blomkamp has created some very neat, original new ideas for the franchise - ideas she seems to be backing 100%.”

She basically says that it will be about Ripley and the Aliens (Xenos). Even though there are some new ideas it mainly seems like something that we have seen before. This is not something that makes me very interested in seeing the movie but that is just me. Maybe I will watch it if they will make a trailer that seems good but I doubt it. I am interested in seeing how AC will turn out.


Lone: You write that Scott will add new ideas to AC as if it was a fact but I think that we will have to wait and see until the movie gets out.


Big Dave: I think that as far as various kinds of Xenos are concerned I think that the Xeno process (via oxes and so on) can result in many variations depending on the number of hosts. This means that there are many possibilities but I am not interested in seeing them all in movies it is however interesting to speculate.


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