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Sigourney Weaver hints that Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop will reunite in Alien 5!

Sigourney Weaver hints that Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop will reunite in Alien 5!

Scified2016-04-27 08:31:07
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During an Alien film screening at The Town Hall in New York yesterday during Alien Day, Ellen Ripley herself, Sigourney Weaver was in attendance and even held a Q&A session with fans before the films began! Weaver has always been enthusiastic about the continuation of the Alien story as she always felt the story didn't end properly with Resurrection and most certainly not with Alien vs. Predator. 

During the discussion, one fan asked Sigourney about Alien 5, naturally and thanks to AvPGalaxy member CainsSon we have a rough breakdown of what was said! In short, she mentions that Alien 5 will be the most satisfying ending to the story and will include the return of Cpl. Hicks and possibly even Bishop from Aliens! She also mentions that Alien 5 will not wipe out Alien 3 or Alien: Resurrection, but rather run parallel to them. Here's a re-cap from the event:

Talking at a Q&amp;A at The Town House in New York, Sigourney Weaver says that Alien 5 is the "most satisfying" end of the Alien story! Picture courtesy of Aswad Corneliu via the <a href="" target="_blank">Weyland-Yutani Bulletin</a>. Alien 5 is the

“She speaks of the script as if – as far as she is concerned – it’s happening already, and in her mind is the “most satisfying” ending of the story. When first asked about working with Michael Biehn, and their flirtation/romantic relationship in Aliens, she added “you will see a lot more of that in the next one.”

She continued to say she just wrapped something else with Blomkamp which she can’t talk about, in South Africa. She stated how expansive the Alien 5 story is, and mentioned that, like the other films, Blomkamp’s film has a very particular new vision. 

Interestingly enough Sigourney also hints at the possible return of Bishop, everyone's favorite synthetic played by none other than Lance Henriksen! When asked about Jonesy, the cat Ripley had with her through Alien and Aliens, she replied by saying (paraphrasing):

She imagines that Ripley found her a good home with a friend on Gateway station (musing) but she added “when all that is over they, I imagine the three of them, or maybe the four of them now, will go back and pick up Jonesy.”

Thanks to AvPGalaxy for the news!

Written by ChrisPublished on 2016-04-27 08:31:07
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35 Fan responses to Sigourney Weaver hints that Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop will reunite in Alien 5!


Apr-27-2016 9:55 AM

'parallel to them' ? So Alien 3/R is still canon? ?

Clones ? or time travel plot? Sulaco goes thru a worm hole?

Maybe David 8(by then a god)finds them? 

"Hello Ellen, I knew your mother...Would you like to be saved?"



Apr-27-2016 3:40 PM

Well this is what the rumours was at first when Blomkamp said the movie would not discount Alien 3 and Alien R

So yes answers on a postcard.... lol  we covered potential ways this can happen before... just to highlight a few.


*Alternative Parallel Universe.


*Some kind of Event that causes something similar to Parallel Universe or Quantum Time Shift... or some event involved Time Travel that changed the outcome of the Original Aliens but Alien 3 and Alien R happened... just they have been replaced due to some Back to the Future Shenanigans

Terminator Genesys vs Terminator 1 for example where Genesys would mean Terminator 2 does not happen... but that does not mean it never happened it did but due to something from the future the events lead up to Terminator Changed.


Apr-27-2016 3:46 PM

As far as the Plot? 

I dont like the sound of it ONE BIT!  sounds like a few Alien Fan Boys Wet Dream..... also is it me or does it come across that Ripley has had some creative control? Or is Blomkamp  one of those obsessed Alien Fan Boys (not saying all Fan Boys are the same).

*Ripley Back (ok)

* Hicks (ok)

* Newts (erm) ok i guess best to have someone carry the Torch so no Ripley in Alien 6, 7 etc.

* Bishop... (?) Why? No thanks.. how they going to explain his Age... oh dear... Old Man Terminator T-800 from Genisys anyone....  now im starting to think of a Terminator Genisys way of making New History that does not throw Terminator 2 and Terminator from Canon.

*Jonsey (!!!!!!) Now that would just be plain stupid..

I hope Alien 5 is not going to be a Alien Fan Boys Romantic Happy Ending Pop Corn Mary Poppins Movie!


Apr-27-2016 3:47 PM

If this Movie and its hype has influenced Fox and Prometheus 2 to become Alien Covenant give everyone answers and Aliens... and links to Ripley... then thats another movie i will not be looking forwards too.

Fingers crossed i am wrong... so wrong ;)


Apr-27-2016 4:52 PM

Yes, I'm getting a 'fan service' vibe. Kinda like 'The Force Awakens'.

Bishop. Maybe he is a newer android and they 'age'? Making him/it less scary and easier to work with. (If tough as nails Ripley is scared of them)


Apr-27-2016 6:39 PM

Aging worked for Terminator Genisys, so I'd be okay with an older looking Bishop. In terms of fan service, absolutely that's all Alien 5 really is! Prometheus and Alien: Covenant are headed for uncharted territory and with that, uncertain reactions from the fan base. However, Alien 5 would be pure nostalgia for us hard core fans who grew up with the original Alien movies. It will be an easy paycheck for Fox and potentially a redeeming moment for the series, following Resurrection's poor reaction.

I'm all for it, but I would hope Fox continue to pursue Ridley Scott's vision, as it will open up way more doors than revisiting Alien in Alien 5 will. Alien 5 will be a one-off.


Apr-27-2016 7:40 PM

i hope Alien 5 is to be used as a passing the Torch.. if done right it could allow for a Alien 6 with Newt and maybe try something fresh as far as Xenomorphs go...   The concept works showed more kinds of Xeno.... showed use of Engineer Technology, maybe the company gain better understanding of Engineers Tech with the captured Ship and also Bio Weapon Biology

All things that Prometheus 2 or a Alien Prequel could touch upon... but if Alien 5 does so... and as Fan Service it gives Fans the Pop Corn Flick but then teases Engineers, their Technology different Xeno strands.... maybe it and after seeing Alien Covenant which again may give some mild Pop Corn Fed Answers and teases at the Engineers.

Maybe these movies would then give Fans their Xeno fix and enough answers to close the Door somewhat and allow the sequel to Alien Covenant to get back to Engineer stuff and eventually the Space Jockey... and if there is lose connections in Alien 5 and Covenant maybe Alien Fans and General Public who now get more Xeno action and answers.. would be open to go and explore.. Who these Engineers behind it all are..

Also leave a Alien 6 to pass torch to Newt and touch upon other Horrors related to the Xeno and maybe Engineers...

I thought something like this could have happened after the U-Turn and hopped it would pan out as such... as it makes perfect sense as far as to Feed the Fandom and move away from Engineers, to then feed seeds to them that may get those who never bitten at first attempt to now chomp down and be reeled in by the Engineers.

Fingers Crossed.



Apr-27-2016 7:49 PM

I dont want to see Seeds that Prometheus sowed left unanswered, and how all those vague clues tie in (Mural and Frescos) eventually they have to be explored.. there is so much to the Plot they started that in hindsight maybe would have been easier had the Space Jockey not been portrayed as a Race Who created Mankind i.e God.

I hope after Alien 5, Ripley Retires.... (but knowing Weaver she is hard to get rid of and many thing She is Alien, like Hulk Hogan wont go away in Wrestling because he is seen as Wrestling).  

Maybe a minor role for her in one more Alien movie then bye bye...

I hope future Alien movies touch up on more than the Vanilla Xenos from the Derelict Eggs... the Engineers Evil Biology and what happens when it is in the wrong hands is something that offers something Fresh yet still Alien.

i would also but i dont hold much hope for these, find out what became of Shaw and David as far as there Adventure after they left LV-223 until when the Covenant find David alone..

And also Weyland Yutani.... maybe briefly about the Merger but i feel Weyland-Yutani has more to offer than a Company Hell Bent on getting the Xeno Bio Weapon, just as the Engineers have more to them than creating the Weapon or Biology that leads to it in the first Place...

Ripley is not Mankinds only Tale in the Universe.

Space Jockey is not the Engineers only Tale...

But i have a worry those two and the Xeno that connects are what they are basing this movie on....  i hope its not a Pop Corn movie with links to Ripley that we could touch upon more in a Alien Covenant Sequel....  And God help them if David is killed off too and so no David in the next movie... but Ripley links.. no thanks.

If they do this then they have damaged the Franchise more than AVP has..


Apr-28-2016 3:50 AM

Just read the Full Interview and this sticks out to me...

"Simply mentioning the reunion brought cheers, as well as swift boos from the crowd when Weaver then added with a shrug, “we have to wait until after Prometheus 2 is made"

Maybe indeed the Negative Reaction to Prometheus and its Sequel that was hinted at following Shaw and David, to go deeper into the Engineers are the Gods Rabbit Hole while steering further away from the Xenomorph (comments from Ridley about the Beast is done, only so much Snarling you can do) i guess never helped. Compared to the Buzz around another Alien Movie with Ripley and Xenos, and also a bonus of them getting there hands on a Derelict/Juggernaut and using Engineer Tech..  was a movie that the Fan Boys wanted to see more.. a movie the casual viewers would associate more with the Franchise.

Is the reason for Changes? Looks more likely now..

I kind of also get the Vibe that Weaver likes working with Blomkamp and Cameron more... but she did not say she dislikes Ridley Scott.

Fox has respect for Ridley and allowing him freedom with his vision a bit, but something may have been changed and compromised a bit. After the hype of Alien 5

Lets see if Alien 5 starts Production and Shooting after Alien Covenant Release, because i fear if Alien Covenant gets Negative Feedback and Fans seem more buzzed for Alien 5...  it could only take Fox to consider using Cameron and Blomkamp on Alien 5 and other movies in the Franchise.





Apr-28-2016 5:51 AM

I think ANY movie she mentioned after Alien 5 would get booed. The fans want to see Alien 5. I want to see Alien 5...But not at the cost of another sci fi monster movie.

In 10 years we'll see a Alien reboot and new stories/characters.



Apr-28-2016 1:24 PM

Am I the only one that love the concept behind Alien Resurrection? 

Ok. It maybe could be done better, but half human half Alien Ripley 8, android Call made by androids and being more human than humans, the scientist who are extremely high because of work which such near perfect organism - it is all I really loved. And I am extremely sceptical about anything that could ignore, downgrade or somehow alter reality of Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection. Yo guys, the most famous and trilling scene of the franchise is from Alien 3 (and you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about - even people who don't know the franchise know the scene where The Dragon is nearly kissing Ripley).

I would LOVE to see Alien 5, but which would be direct sequel to Alien Resurrection and which continues story of Ripley and Call. Ripley 8 has some kind a healing factor (like Wolverine) and maybe even though the Queen was remove from her chest the healing factor would recreate the Xenomorph inside Ripley 8 because they are somehow tided to each other? What if thanks to Ripley 8 healing factor she is able to survive the chestbusting? The knew Queen has Ripley 8 memories from Auriga and she knows that Ripley 8 must be eliminated or they children will turn against her. That gives us a bunch of possibilities. 

And Ridley Scott loves the faith themes. Remember that Call did cross herself in the chapel on Auriga and Ripley 8 laugh of her - why not continue this theme? Android who believes in Gods existence, prays and is spiritual but feels quite guilty because she is a machine and has no soul? And Ripley 8 - half human half alien clone - animals do not have souls (at least so says the catholic faith) - do Ripley 8 as half human half animal posses a soul? Do clones posses a souls? So much hard question which could be explore. Imagine that Ripley 8 and Call through their journey encounters a priest which is extremely conservative (Lefebvrist maybe?) but very shepherd-minded and tries to deal with these questions - help Call find her identity and face Ripley 8  cynicism and lack of faith. I don't know how it looks in US Army, but in Polish Army we have military chaplains which have standard military skills but they primary role is to keep the morale high. So we could introduce new interesting character into Alien franchise who would address these moral problems of the saga, but who still will be able to manage with the Xenomorph threat. 


And I BEG you - don't threat Alien 3 (especially the Assembly Cut) and Alien Resurrection as unwanted child... We loved them, we really do!


Apr-28-2016 2:42 PM

I dont think Alien 3 was bad, some Cuts of it where decent, but it was a attempt to go back to Alien Style on a larger Scale (Larger Population to Hunt, Larger Area to hide) and by going for a non-human Xenomorph was a way to try something fresh and expand upon the Xenomorphs Procreation.   Problem was going back to try and re-do a Alien themed/style movie was hard as its hard to Top the Original...  This is a problem that Alien Covenant will Face....   The same can be said if you tried to re-do a Aliens style Action movie, again how do you top the Original.

Prometheus tried something different, a Mystrey and Science take on the Franchise... which due to poor Characters, Ambiguity and toned down Xeno Elements it did not succeed as well but still did well as far as Box Office...

Alien R was a movie that tried to think, how can we bring Ripley back and i felt they had some good ideas... some was taken a bit too far....  They tried to give us a movie that Balance a Alien 3, Aliens and Prometheus to a degree....

Biggest Problem i had was it was never done justice, its ideas had a better way to executed them... much like Prometheus suffered too.

But the bigger problem was the Cloned Ripley that would end up with her carrying a Chest Buster, i did not like that idea.... made no real sense... but i understand it was the Plot Device to bring back the Queen and Xenos.... i think other ways could have worked...

I would have had it that Ripley 8 became pregnant... that the Xeno DNA took over her reproductive system to configure it to become more like the Queens..... the result was the Birth of a Hybrid a Hybrid that would be like some of the unused new born concepts.

Like this style 

Once Ripley 8 gave birth, or maybe had a C-Section to remove the faster growing Fetus... eventually Ripley 8 would heal... only to then become Pregnant again.. by Parthenogenesis

This is actually basically similar to Prometheus...

The Xeno DNA being more dominant meant the New Born was more Xeno than Human... as in the image above.... then this New Born Procreated by somehow infecting Human Host and maybe we get Egg Morph or some other kind of Evolutionary Morphing to Produce something like the Concept work for the Xenos in Alien R

Again this is now in effect the 3rd Generation to Ripley 8, her Grandchild where we see Human DNA while still evident is now being reduced and we have more Xeno DNA.

The company could notice the pattern that every stage of Procreation the Xenomorphs Dominant DNA rises to the Top, down  a number of Generations we could then get to this.

The Alien R Cloned Xeno.... then from that they could reverse Engineer its DNA to give us.. a Queen.

This is a idea i felt would have worked better....

But this is still a idea they could evolve with in Alien 5 or 6.





Apr-28-2016 2:45 PM

But yes the Android Call having Spirituality was interesting, so your ideas for a Alien 5 are sound... if done a long time ago..

it would not work now because of how Weaver and Ryder have aged... we have to assume Ripley 8 and a Android would not Age. As such.  Otherwise yes it could work.


Apr-28-2016 2:54 PM

Alien 5 has left us some clues with Weavers comments.... it appears maybe after Aliens Ripley settled down...  no more Xeno threat to worry about..... Which then lead us to why 20 years later there is... surely the Company would have tried to get its Greedy Paws in the Derelict or what ever is left on LV-223.

Unless the Sulaco is wandering  through Space for a Long time, but im sure a ship of that size would be picked up far sooner and if Ripley was in Cryo Sleep well she would not have aged much i.e like the 50 years in Space on the Narcissus.

Nope i would have it she is out there starting a fresh new life... but shes has Nightmares.... start the movie with a Scene from Alien 3, then she wakes up....

Latter she has another and show Scene from Alien Resurrection....

They are just Bad Dreams... but dreams that hide a element of Truth and that indeed the Company manages to get hold of Xeno DNA and a Juggernaut and they conduct experiments in secret using on a outpost Criminals... hence connect her Alien 3 and Alien R dreams..

We find out the Company conduct also a manner of Experiments, maybe they dont get the Derelict but another ship... i would have it David 8's ship.. well a unknown one.. that latter a movie show it was Davids.

The company try re-engineer and eventually similar to how i would have done Alien R, they would have then re-created the Xenomorph.  This is how i would tackle Alien 5 to cover.

*Explanation for Alien 3 and Alien R

*Explanation as to why its been 20 years no Problems, especially of the Derelict was not destroyed.

*Allow to connect to Alien 5

*Allow us to see varied use of Alien Xeno DNA.

Yes also they could have it the company managed to somehow keep the Derelict and Xeno under wraps until something went wrong... and then Ripley found out and off she goes to put a stop to it.



Apr-28-2016 3:23 PM


Saying that Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection were dreams is very cheap. Cheaper than Ripley cloned with Xenomorph. And if Ripley started a new life I could not even imagine what could force her to go back to hell. Cameron did quite well with making Ripley an expert for a rescue mission of civil facility (where anybody knew what happened, there could be no aliens just communication system failure), but I don't feel that anything after the Aliens evens could force Ripley to go once again as volunteer to place where she knew Xenomorps are (Ripley 8 in this matter could act completely opposite). Saving the world is definitely not her style (it's more likely Call stile :P).


Apr-28-2016 3:35 PM



And by the way Winona Ryder is only 44, she doesn't look much older than in Alien Resurrection. We can say that Call just changed her image. While Ripley 8 is a clone, as I know animals that humans cloned are ageing much faster than the naturally conceived. 


Apr-28-2016 3:54 PM

Yes but a Clone that carries Xeno DNA.... maybe that would affect Age...

They have both Aged Well...  Weaver does not look 30 years older and with Makeup and after effects she could pass for 15 years older, Ryder again she is nearly 20 years older but would pass for 10 years older...

But how would we explain a Super Human Clone and Android age 10-15 years... easy if the movie is set way in the future.

But Alien 5 is set in around the year 2200 Alien Resurrection is set nearly 180 years after... but i did like the ideas you put forward.. a Alien 5 with those ideas shot say 10 years ago could have worked great.

Yes the Dream is a Lazy way out.. not one i would be fond off, i had a different idea that i posted in the What happens to Shaw after Prometheus 

Thread.... again even that is maybe not ideal.

Maybe the way we are going to see it is simply that Alternative Universes Exist  and so Post Aliens leads to Alien 5 but also in a alternative to Alien 3 and Alien R and in another alternative Hadleys Hope is not destroyed as bad and in comes Colonial Marines Game Plot etc.

But going that route means they can ret-con the crap out of the whole Franchise... including Prometheus... and we just wont know what is Canon or not... it would be just as reading all Aliens Comics and Books.

I am just not really sure how they are going to pull of Alien 5, but we now have some basic background to make a rough idea...  but not as far as how Alien 3 and Alien R fit in..

Maybe we have to accept we are seeing just as the JJ Abrahams Star Treks?




Apr-28-2016 4:00 PM

"Cheaper than Ripley cloned with Xenomorph"

In a way similar to how i would have done it, it works... the way they did it i just dont seem to buy it...

Its kind of like if someone who was a loved one to a very rich person in the Future... think Arnold Swartzenager 6th Day...  and their Wife was killed while Pregnant..

So they just clone the Wife, and Presto she is Pregnant..  maybe with a Star Trek Style Replication...  like a Teleporter that captures all of a persons Genetic Code... sends it and reassembles it at another location.  I can buy that working.

But DNA sample and Clones process i cant buy it... especially with a Alien Chest Buster.... but i can buy how her DNA is carrying Xeno DNA and so a Clone of her would have Xeno Traits... just not carrying a Xeno Embryo. 

To me this was the biggest flaw of that movie.


Apr-28-2016 4:04 PM

If Weaver is happy with the script that would be quite a turnaround from her feelings about alien 3. She was tired of Ripley and wanted her just to die and she got her wish in alien 3. So what's with the attitude now ? Isn't she supposed to be making avatar 2 - 3 - 4 ?


Apr-28-2016 4:05 PM


I doubt the Corp would let the Sulaco wander around in space for very long! Think they would be worried about their 1/2 trillion dollar spaceship. Probably send something or someone to look for it.....and that would be a cool movie! And I imagine that how Alien 5 starts.

Yeah, I liked Alien Resurrection.....I'd love to see what became of Call and Ripley(c)...think there is some fan fiction? I read it.... if I remember...?

If they can go back to the end of Aliens for Alien 5...what's stopping them from any timeline? Put Ripley(like the alien books)back in the Narcissus and have a adventure before she was rescued.




Apr-28-2016 4:22 PM

Agreed, Weyland-Yutani won't ignore the Sulacco at all. Remember, the rescue party they were waiting for is likely on its way following the ending of Aliens. Alien 3 will likely be played off as a bad dream - with Ripley waking up following her falling into the lead and giving birth to the Queen. Bishop in Alien 3 claimed to be human, but all evidence would point to the contrary. It's just one of many puzzling moments which would make for a great dream sequence, thus not needing explanation.

Alien 3 will likely be played off as a bad dream. They could link Alien back to Alien Resurrection, just have Ripley meet a similar fate. 

Remember too, we don't know how that Facehugger got on the EEV, or the Sulacco prior to that. The Queen never set up shop with a fresh egg sack that I can recall after sneaking on board the Sulacco.  So much of Alien 3 left us puzzled so playing it off as a nightmare would make a lot of sense.


Apr-28-2016 4:33 PM


We can explain this in this way that Facehugger change your DNA and codes the embryo in your DNA which became a part of your body. After Facehugger  leaves you in fact you are no human any more. You are just concious cocoon with altered DNA. And in Resurrection they just remove the organism from the cocoon which can survive the separation.

Maybe the script of Resurrection has somehow manage to explain it?


And I still think that direct sequel to Resurrection could clicked today if it was properly done. I just feel that abandoning Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection and all that alternated reality stuff is unfair - for me, for fan, for the directors, for the franchise and for Ripley.


I would prefer that way made a new re-edition of whole franchise on Blu-Ray and slightly change some minor facts to create a more consistent franchise and say that "from know this is a knew cannon, and Alien 5 will continue the cannon story from the reedition". And I would be perfectly fine with this. But not with saying to two proper instalments of Alien saga: "go fuck yourself".


Apr-28-2016 5:45 PM

Well the Queen was dropped/ejected into space at the end of Aliens.....She probably survived...(seem to remember the Xeno in Alien trying to claw it's way back into the Narcissus.) Maybe the rescue ship finds the Queen? "What the hell is that!!? Should we bring it aboard captain?!" "Yes, then let's check on the Sulaco....." They bring the Queen with them and board the Sulaco....maybe they wake Ripley/Hicks/newt/bish or just let them sleep....? Queen thaws out....Trashes the place, kills the rescue team and leaves eggs for the cryo sleeping Ripley..ect..Think the Queen would love to take her revenge this way

"Don't touch it Johnson!" "What!?...Nah it's dead...been in space for months...Years...Take a picture of me and it, for the girls back home!" "Sure is one big SOB..."


Apr-28-2016 11:29 PM



No way that that any organism could survive so long in space vacuum for such long. I would rather say that queen in moment of extreme danger can give birth to royal facehugger with queen embryo and so she did before revealing herself on Sulaco. 


Apr-29-2016 5:50 AM

Or the queen doesn't survive...but they still bring her corpse back to the Sulaco or on board the rescue ship. Tap her DNA or just examine her maybe she is full of eggs that were sealed in a vacuum resistant membrane(just like a spaceship keeps us alive) she's probably made of some incredible bio mass...she has ACID for blood! so I doubt a little cold is going to harm her eggs....just bring on board split her open(just like a derelict spaceship) and boom eggs!


Apr-29-2016 5:51 AM

Chris thats a interesting idea.....

Alien 3 dream..... Alien R a eventual sequel... to Alien 5, or 6 etc... all it would take is Ripley to infected with a Xeno Queen, have it taken out but then also obtain her DNA...   We cant assume she die soon as Weaver hints of a Happy Ending... but are there Happy Endings in the Alien Universe?

As for the Sulaco yes, they cant have it that Ripley was on this ship all the way to just before Alien 5.... unless they pass off a Cryo Sleep Malfunction that made her Age faster, as opposed to keep her young like Cryo Sleep after Alien...

But while Alien 5 was to be a few years after Aliens... since Alien Covenant came out (Logan Changes) it seems Alien 5 has been changed and is now set 20 years after...  The Concept Work prior Ripley did not look 20 years older... and in actual fact Weaver is 30 years older...

Makes me think Alien 5 also had its draft changed as far as the idea at the time of the Concept work..




Apr-29-2016 6:01 AM

@ Hadar....

Yes thats a idea... the Xeno does Change DNA... and i am sure a member of the Production team on one of the movies...  said the Face Huger maybe implants like a Virus that produces the Chest Huger....

Why would it die after? Nope i think having it implant a Embryo that then Acts Viral is what happens...

But you say what if the Hosts DNA is infected even after the Chest Buster is removed...  This could work but i fail to see how it would make another Chest Buster like before.... but certainly then have the hosts DNA infected and so we have a Holloway situation or if Female who is infected... then a Egg can be evolved into something else... so Ripley has traditional chest buster, but can then end up with her Eggs Mutated.

But we are talking about Alien 3 and after... maybe this could work as far as Ripley 8 has Xeno DNA... but then this DNA infects her Womb and she gets Pregnant... but then its would this Human Embryo be evolved to the point that a near traditional Xeno Queen is born... or a Hybrid more like the New Born?

MZ you just answered my other reply to Hadar..

which is yes if the Queen does die in Space... well if from Ripleys DNA they can Clone her to make a Ripley Xeno Hybrid that is carrying a Xeno Queen... then bringing back a Xeno from DNA of a dead Queen floating in Space is a Peice of Cake..

Unless exposure to Gama Rays and other Particles puts the DNA beyond use.

Also the Egg theory MZ cant be ruled out as they could maybe go into Dormant Stage... but they would be very underdeveloped?

I think maybe the best idea to me... would be Chris's

Alien 3 Dream.... Alien R after some event latter, this would have to mean Ripley would have to get infected at some point. after Alien 5.


Apr-29-2016 6:19 AM

I was thinking of a reply last night... not sure which Topic it was going to be to.. but fits this one better..

Think it was regarding Hadars post on why would Ripley be interesting in getting involved in the Xeno... where as a Ripley 8 would...

So her it goes....

Right now Alien 5 is set around the year 2200 Newt will be in her 30's 

First we have to IGNORE everything else... just look at Aliens.

After Aliens if Alien 3 never made... what would Ripley do?  If the Xeno Threat was over, what would Ripley do?

I think after all the Hell she has had to put up with she would want a break... she was reluctant to deal with the Xeno again after Alien, it took some persuading on Burkes Part.   Ok maybe she would be more Battle Hardened now, and also she would know more of the threat of the Xenomorph after Aliens as opposed to what little she knew in Alien.

But if Alien 5 is 20 years latter, i cant see her be willing to jump back in, or even maybe not long after...  lets see..

If Hicks is alive he would now know more about the Xeno than Ripley did after Alien,  if Bishop is working then he would know more too.... they dont need Ripley to fill in any information about the Xeno that between Hicks and Bishop they dont have.

For how good Ripley was... she is no Marine like Hicks or no Android like Bishop.... all they would need is a little interview with Ripley to fill any Gaps... i.e explain what the Queen Eggs Chamber was like and how she laid the Eggs.

But i think Ripley would have a new priority.... NEWT! i would assume she would want a break and she would want to bring the Orphan Newt up....  then maybe get a Job more closer to home and not a Warrant Officer nevermind anything to do with the Company as far as to do with the Xeno and information... be that someone to speak about it to people.

I think she would take a role on a Ship, if its exploration, mining, science (not regarding Xeno) or Colony... but a ship thats large enough that Newt can join her.

So 20 years Latter.... with what we must assume is no Major Xeno Problems... if the company has one or a ship it must have it under control until near the time of Alien 5..

But then would Ripley see herself as the Nemesis and Destroyer of the Xenomorph and her duty to put a stop to it?  I doubt it.... The company in that case would know more about the Xeno than her... they would be better equipped to deal with it..

Only way she would get involved would be if Newt is on a Mission and she gets caught up.... then Ripley comes to the rescue?  Or the Company capture Newt to get Ripley involved..

But why would the company ever need Ripley? what can she offer as far as Xeno information... or how to stop it that they dont?

So i would say a Newt getting caught up, or Amanda if the Game Isolation would play into Canon... or they have Ripley has a Daughter... so either Ripleys Daughter or Newt get involved in something that is related and this drags Ripley to get involved.. thats way i see this working..

I dont think Ripley would see herself as now the one to be savior against the Xeno Treat where ever it may appear... she is not going to be like Ash from the Evil Dead... in relation to the Deadites..



Apr-29-2016 6:21 AM

There could have been 2 rescue missions in Aliens....The One James Cameron filmed,  Sulaco crew a rag tag of Marines(if they save the refinery..good for them)and one for the Juggernaut....Find the derelict and explore.

Why send such a mis-fit crew? Unproven leader(Gorman)...    No this was a secondary Op. Main objective had the real crew...They found the Juggernaut and the eggs and returned before the Sulaco crew were even on the planet


Apr-29-2016 6:55 AM

MZ yes interesting... maybe the company has a reason and history to send off Missions bound to fail.... and Missions with hidden Agenda, where the Crew dont know whats in store but those who sent them do.

will Covenant follow the same pattern.... the company sends a Colony ship and its crew think they are on a Mission to a World that is a potential 2nd Earth Home... but those who sent them have another more sinister reason..


Apr-29-2016 8:16 AM

It would certainly silence Ripley...get her killed on some 'rescue' mission. Don't need to have her talking about aliens(hurts the bottom line). The Corp probably had a list of who were expendable. Was positive she would die on this mission.


Apr-29-2016 8:26 AM

The second crew of Marines(aboard the Sulaco) could have returned with the eggs and after watching the action(Ripley versus the Queen) set 3 eggs just for the cry sleeping Ripley/newt/hicks....and then left the Sulaco on another ship....They have the eggs and use the expendable first crew(Ripley/hicks/newt)as lab experiments....something goes wrong and we have Alien 3. 


Apr-29-2016 9:16 AM

fire Marines:

CPL Ryan "I don't like this...Gorman?! Gorman is leading the squad?"

Rest of fire team is silent.

CPL Ryan"And what about Hicks?! He's solid? What did he do...?"

GYSGT Andrews "He couldn't keeps his hands off the Colonel's daughter..."


Apr-29-2016 3:31 PM

Your kind of thinking Reboot Aliens?

I think we have to remember Alien 5 is set around 2200 and this works with how Weaver has Aged...

As far as the Eggs on Sulaco....  well why does it have to have happy endings....... and so Bishop Fooled Ripley, and he had a Agenda All along.... or there was another Android in hiding as i would assume a Android could move a Egg without setting it off.

Then again so many other things wrong that lead to Alien 3 and so a Dream would work for me.


Apr-29-2016 6:32 PM

I'd start Alien 5....With a old Hicks(30 years after Aliens) talking about the second Marine crew who recovered the eggs from the derelict...and how he didn't know about the covert ops team and his squad was used as a diversion.And how the Engineers came back to recover their tech.

But ..yeah they could reboot Aliens easy. 

Mads Mikkelsen as the lead Marine who steals the eggs from the Juggernaut.

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