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Aug-02-2016 7:52 AM

i would hope they dont go that route.... or even touch up on any related subject because we could end up with a Terminator Genisys .... where we go back in time with a Ripley who is cast by someone else LOL

But as far as Time Travel i think its a Can of Worms they are better off leaving alone...... but there is the potential for it being such a event.

Beihn seemed to hint that Alien 3 and Alien R never happened.

Weaver hinted that they go off as separate paths, alternative routes...

Which means we the fans get two alternative realities where neither are Canon to Each other... we simply have a situation after Aliens where we then fans are presented with a..... here is one story that could have happened after Aliens.... and here is another alternative and so its kind of like if any of us fans want to consider AVP movies as Connected.

We could see that it not quite like that.... but we are supposed to look at Alien 5 as a ... WHAT IF!  as in what if the events at the start of Alien 3 never happened.

Blomkamp said that Alien 3 and Alien R are not being de-cononized his movie does not wipe such events out but bypasses them.....

Again this could mean the same as above, and that this is a alternative WHAT IF.... so us the fans have a TWO POSSIBLE Scenarios to follow and enjoy

Or they could Canon both of them together, in a way where some sort of Temporal Space Rift Occurs a Event where essentially leads to the Sulaco being split into two realities... one carries on to Alien 3 and the other to Alien 5

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-02-2016 7:55 AM

As far as Alien 5 goes... seems like changes are made to the first ideas.... Blomkamps movie was to be set not to far after Aliens... and Newt was not mentioned or even drawn and concept works does not show a Ripley no more than 10 years older.

The idea now is for it to be set 20+ years latter than Aliens and for Newt to be in the movie and indeed be passed the Torch... it seems like after Aliens Newt, Hicks and Ripley all got back to some kind of Normality of Life.... until some event 20 years latter brings them together to fend off the Xenomorph threat once again.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-02-2016 8:45 AM

Alien3 is practically written like a dream: mysterious EGG is somehow on board and pointed at Ripley. ?!?  Hyper chambers are different.(don't care about Fincher's design reason..I'm talking story).  I think the fan base would accept 'something' happened.

I would leave it to every fans imagination..they'd would do a better job.

Forced to write a explanation: I'd go with a time rift....A Massive alien artifact warps space(neutron star like)..something along those lines...I'll think about a better plot later.


Aug-02-2016 9:45 AM

yea I'm wondering what is up with that bomb on ripleys waist .... I would love to see an alternative route leading after aliens....discounting alien 3....but i dont know about this..... ;/

She's already died so many times not really about happy endings all the time but why doesn't she just live out her last days as Ripley and find peace..(of course after getting her revenge on the company)...(yea I know, a Ripley happy ending seems unlikely and possibly boring to most, but it would be a change from her 800th death lol) I personally have already seen her die so many times, the thought of her dying again would be kinda repetitive u know? but i know that won't happen. I think she will be killed off and Newt will take the torch....all alot of hollywood cash grabbing stuff really... it will never end lol. Also her depicted with a bomb around her waist gives the plot away that she will indeed die...  again lol  meh

I guess thats why I like what Ridley is doing, he's going backwards and giving me stuff I've never seen before. I know Neil Blomkamp will refresh things up bit but it just seems so bleak lol and so towards the end of the franchise into what i feel will be probably another chappy without the comedy.  idk

I did enjoy Elysium




 "Must be something we haven't seen yet.."__Bishop


Deep Space

Aug-02-2016 10:02 AM

Time travel . . . hmmm! ;)  Not for me!

I'd imagined that this film could sit between ALIENS and ALIEN 3 but comments above would seem to throw that idea out of the water.

i.e. Perhaps the holy trinity of R, N & H were found, purposefully, by WY after ALIENS.  They had useful knowledge the company wanted in connection to a discovery of Engineer tech/biology.

They help with this in some way . . . Hicks/Newt die, Ripley lives and they are all put back into stasis with a memory wipe for Ripley and sent off in the direction of the prison planet . . .

And that's why I don't write scripts, lol!

I think it can work (A5) and personally I can suspend my disbelief to a certain degree regarding the other sequels, so long as the plot for A5 is good!  It would be good to have a more continuous sequel to ALIENS.  A3 was good but kind of messed up the franchise continuity imo.


Aug-02-2016 10:51 AM

There's no reason to worry, JC thinks the script is gangbusters. Then again, his mind may be overtaxed from having 4 Avatar sequels to work on.


Aug-02-2016 12:17 PM

Terminator Genisys? You mean the movie that almost single-handedly killed the Terminator franchise? The movie in which Sarah & Kyle travel to a future that shouldn't exist to fight their terminator-fied son that they never conceived?

Genisys rant aside the use of time travel could be what Neill Blomkamp has in mind to retcon the Alien franchise, but I sure hope not. Since District 9 Blomkamp's movies have been hit and miss with audiences which could be one of the reasons Ridley pushed to make Covenant first; because of a lack of confidence in Blomkamp's ability as a director. 


Aug-02-2016 2:48 PM

It was all a dream Ripley had while asleep at the wheel of the time machine. It would have been more obvious if they hadn't edited out the talking ice cream cone in A3.


Aug-02-2016 3:25 PM

No dreams. No time travel.


You can get away with time travel to do reboots in series where time travel is actually a thing - ie. Terminator, Star Trek.


It's not a thing in Alien, and would be - excluding any miracles - creatively void. As would "it was all a dream".


Aug-02-2016 3:36 PM

Yes SM....

Thats why i think its just a case of them re-booting from after Aliens... where its like  ... We have this Sequel that goes off to Alien R and we have this sequel that goes off to Alien 5, and 6 etc.

I think its going to be as simple as that.... so they give a alternative sequel direction... which is then down to fans to still view Alien 3 and Alien R as a alternate sequel to Aliens.

The only way they can do it otherwise could be tricky, and of all the scenarios if they try to add them all as Actual Cannon events in that sense could be a rift in time and space..

But then we would need a cause for this... rift!

However who knows with Alien Covenant as it could be they are explaining events post 2093 lead to the Derelict that the Nostromo come across in 2022

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-02-2016 3:40 PM

"I think its going to be as simple as that.... so they give a alternative sequel direction... which is then down to fans to still view Alien 3 and Alien R as a alternate sequel to Aliens."


Alien3 and Resurrection don't have enough of a fanbase that they need appeasement.


Aug-02-2016 3:58 PM

^Put the ice cream cone back in and watch that change^


Aug-02-2016 4:10 PM

I think the Franchise is one that has Polarized a lot of fans...

It would be right to assume every Alien Fan, no matter how casual or Fanatical all see Alien 1979 as being Canon and a movie they all enjoy.

Aliens has a lot of fans but there is a percentage who are not keen on the Camerons Aliens.. both the look of the Xeno, the introduction of the Queen and how it was a Action Movie.

Alien 3 came along and again a lower percentage of fans enjoy or see this as canon than they did with Aliens.. it was a movie that upset some because it killed off Newt and Hicks... Upset others because it killed off Ripley.... but its also regarded by a decent percentage of fans as being a decent movie and giving Ripley a Ending.

I think Alien Resurrection was a Popcorn flick that fits more in line with the AVP movie... Story wise and evolution to being a true sequel to Alien 3 it was a movie that many fans dont regard as good or canon but it still had its fans and still made money.

So i am not sure Alien 3 and Alien R dont have a big fan base, i think they have the smallest fanbase compared to the others.. i think Prometheus and Alien 3 are about level as far as Fans reception.

I think Alien R actually damaged Alien 3... myself.

But i think Fox are seeing a way to appease fans who may had not been pleased with Alien Resurrection or those upset at Alien 3

But i also think they see $$$$$$ as if they can make this work, and connect with Alien Covenant and its sequel so they rub off more as connected as Canon....

Then it does mean Fox could potentially if its all done well.... they could make another 1-2 movies with Newt as the new leading lady.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-02-2016 4:17 PM

Hopefully they start using Rebecca not Newt as her name.

What was the Sulaco doing around Fiorina 161?!


Aug-02-2016 4:36 PM

It wasn't.  Fiorina was just the nearest planet.


And nobody calls her Rebecca.  Except her brother.


"Aliens has a lot of fans but there is a percentage who are not keen on the Camerons Aliens.. both the look of the Xeno, the introduction of the Queen and how it was a Action Movie."

That percentage is so small, it doesn't really affect anything.


Aug-02-2016 5:12 PM


So ...The Sulaco 'warped' to this location when the fire started? Why was it even in the neighborhood? Should have been Earth bound and in deep space.

Course corrections take hours if not days(even in Star Trek).



Aug-02-2016 5:59 PM


It's a straight shot from Z2R back to Sol.  A ship wouldn't pass through any other systems.  But they had to crash an EEV somewhere.

Even if it had changed course, there's about 30 seconds between the alarms starting and the EEV being launched.  The Sulaco can travel around 39AU in that time, which is around the distance from the sun to Pluto, so it's a fair way - but in interstellar terms, it's not that much.

Possibly the Sulaco changed course for the nearest colony when it detected something running around on the ship?


Aug-02-2016 7:04 PM

That percentage is so small, it doesn't really affect anything.

'We are the 1%.' :D Personal inclinations mean everything to the person.

Cameron's MORB design was influenced by physical limitations, but also by Cameron putting his stamp on things. His ridged skull was more insectile, and, to me, more pedestrian. It's not unreasonable to look at the insect world for inspiration, but it is terrestrial.

This becomes a question of how likely is nature to repeat itself in the universe, and the answer, based on what we understand is: likely. But the MORB so far stands outside of that. At least that's why it's beloved by fans of things dark and icky.

If we want to examine what happened with the Sulaco (and convenience does settle things) then let's ask this: what became of the Sulaco itself? 


Something Real

Aug-02-2016 7:54 PM

FACEHUGGERS! - While it would certainly be an unorthodox approach that would undoubtedly be met with disdain, it is nevertheless a very interesting premise! :)


Aug-02-2016 8:21 PM

"'We are the 1%.' :D Personal inclinations mean everything to the person."

Not to the IP owner who is providing the finance, however.

"Cameron's MORB design was influenced by physical limitations, but also by Cameron putting his stamp on things. His ridged skull was more insectile, and, to me, more pedestrian. It's not unreasonable to look at the insect world for inspiration, but it is terrestrial."

They were influenced by insects on the first one and as far as I can see, Cameron/ Winston's ridged head is simply a 3D version of the airbrushed 'ridges' underneath Giger's dome.

"If we want to examine what happened with the Sulaco (and convenience does settle things) then let's ask this: what became of the Sulaco itself? "

Depends who you ask.

According to the Earth War comics, it was intercepted on the way home, Ripley was woken and went back to LV-426 yet again with more soldiers to obtain eggs from the Derelict. Carnage ensued.  Sulaco continued back to Earth with remaining crew.

According to the Colonial Marines Tech Manual, it was intercepted on the way home, traced back to its point of origin by the Company, and eggs were obtained from the Derelict.

According to Alien3 - The Gun, marines boarded it in orbit over Fiorina.  It was full of Aliens.  Carnage ensued.

According to Aliens : Infestation - it was found adrift near Gamma Leporis by USS Sephora.  There were Aliens and UPP soldiers on board.  Carnage ensued.

According to Aliens: Colonial Marines - it was found in orbit above LV-426.  There were Aliens on board.  Carnage ensued.


Aug-02-2016 10:23 PM

Good God. You are an encyclopedia.


Aug-03-2016 5:50 AM

"The Sulaco can travel around 39AU in that time, which is around the distance from the sun to Pluto,"

Well...that's your answer right there....The Sulaco HAD to be 30 seconds to a minute, near Fury161....30 seconds past and they would have had to turn around 5 minutes away and the fire would have spread. Sulaco is moving so fast that's the odds are astronomical! It just happened to be 30 seconds from Fury161. As I'm typing this, the Sulaco has just gone 1000AU and is out of range!

AND that it came out of hyperjump above the prison base...luckily the planet wasn't facing the wrong direction! 'Luckily' the pod didn't smash into the prison or dry land....or into deep sea and gone 20,000 fathoms..but luckily is was to within wading distance.

The movie implied (IMHO) they were already in orbit when the action started. Maybe they were there to return cargo or personnel? Or WY didn't want the eggs near Earth so they sent the Sulaco to the secret weapons factory on Fury161?


Aug-03-2016 12:02 PM

What if Ripley somehow encounters the Black Liquid, or it is stumbled across by the modern-day decendants within the Alien universe (aka: Ripley, Newt, Hicks, Bishop, etc.) but somehow it has "fermented" in all that time since Humans encountered it during the events of Prometheus and Ripley somehow becomes "infected" but for her it is different - now.

Somehow, she begins to ascend or she knows she is "infected" and does not know it will make her ascend INTO a higher order of being: an Engineer! The first female Engineer since, well, when-ever!

Like The Fly she is going to transform into SOMETHING and she knows it so here's where Bloomkamps conceptual artwork comes into play.

Somehow, during the ascention process (see V's the Star Child when the little girl of Newts age transforms inside a chrysalis into a young woman and the Deltan woman who, along with Commander Decker, transcended into a higher lifeform in Star Trek: The Motion Picture) Ripley begins rumblings of the transcending effects into the Mother Engineer (Ripley herself becoming the Egyptian celestial goddess Nute, ironic, she is now become like Newt in similar namesake) and has to take the now ancient Derilict or second Juggernaught but ancient no less due to possibly being found elsewhere from original Derilict.

Because it is old and becoming defunct she now has brooding knowledge due to the transcending effects and knows exacltly how to pilot the gargantuan thing!

Somehow, there is a perilous, insuing disaster that she was desperately hoping to avoid coming very soon so in the escape she places the 2nd ancient Juggernaught into timeslip mode and in travelling further away or so she thinks she actually travels into the past along the curving arc of her comendered ships flight path.

Somehow she is knowingly or unknowingly carrying Xeno eggs but what she has not considered or only JUST comprehended upon her arrival (think Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home self-fulfilling time-loop) that she has just brought the Xenos past the point/events of Prometheus before they were even created or even existed in the universe prior to the events of Prometheus that we know of.

Again, she is infected (see Alien 3) and yes, you guessed it crash lands upon LV-426 - THUS, BECOMING the Space Jockey and the slef-fulfiling instigator of the alien cycle and its outbreak into the galaxy in the first place - if it doesn't already exist during this time - YES - 2000 years ago. Or at least several centuries with the Derilict already in an ancient delapadated condition now being taken back to a much earlier event in the past and crash landed at that only add to the ancient weathering, wear-n-tear effect upon its entire hull structure.

Yes, it may change our perception of the Space Jockey and some may want to keep the idea that itself is yet another alien race separate from The Engineers and the Engineer Elders and the Xeno. It could en-up being Shaw who ascended/transcended to thus become in a continual time-loop the Space Jockey. Or the Space Jockey could be the thousand to million year hence result in alien Xeno evolution somehow BECOMES the Space Jockey in a strange life form transformation from a primitive "predator species" such as reptiles and evolved itself into a more wisened creature! Stranger things have happened and that was only on Earth!

If you all will permit me and the administration team I would very-much like to start an entire thread just on this topic alone and would like to paste all this info here into it to see what other reactions/comments may come from it.

Administration Team, your co-operation on this matter would be most grateful!! 




Aug-03-2016 5:43 PM

Where are the monsters?


Aug-03-2016 6:07 PM


Not sure I like making Ripley the 'nexus' or Shaw for that matter.

If there is one person who would cause a time loop it would be Peter Weyland.  Without Weyland there is no Nostromo, no Prometheus synths....Shaw and Holloway would be kookie ancient astronaut professors and Ripley would be working 2 jobs, putting her daughter through nail school.

If you could bring Peter into your equation...I think it has possibilities.


Aug-03-2016 6:21 PM

Personally if I want esoteric Interstellar-esque circular causey-effecty timey-wimey silliness - I'll go watch Interstellar again. :)


Aug-04-2016 3:23 AM

S.M. Keep your sour-grapes tone in check!

We're just talking here!

As far as I am aware there is no cause for your piss-ant attitude towards me, I'm just making hypothesis here to ponder without having you put your sarcastic two-cents-worth into it!

Can't we just generally chit-chat and get along...?

I'm not your enemy... Just try and make an effort if you will... It was just ideas to throw around and wonder about...

So if we could both get back on topic if not about this idea then some other, that would be welcome...  



Aug-04-2016 4:51 AM

Note the smiley in my post.

If you will.

There's really no need to be so touchy.

I'll go back to my earlier question - 'Where are the monsters?'

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